The Story of NAUL Coffee Syndicate

starts in 2023. Fritz Naul was my great-grandfather. Fritz was a German farmer with a relentless work ethic, simple lifestyle, and a passion for the great outdoors. He inspired the idea of asking more from this life, and, his coffee symbolizes the pursuit of happiness - right here - in the United States of America.

Coffee brewed German style has an overall mellow taste profile and mild aroma. Unlike other coffee styles, German coffee is intended to complement a meal, a treat, an indulgence - für die Liebe am Leben! German culture is deeply-rooted in the fabric of America. NAUL Coffee Syndicate carefully selects its coffee to contribute a little bit of German taste to the daily routines of the factory, farm, and field workers. The soldiers, medics, and police men and woman servicing our communities. The engineers and creators. The thinkers and leaders. NAUL makes coffee by the people, for the people. We believe in the great outdoors and the freedom of exploration. Taste the NAUL Spirit.

Andy Fergusson